Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friend's Blog Giveaway & New Items

First off, I want to promote a friend's giveaway for some of her adorable pinwheel business cards! She is giving away 10 of these, can't you just imagine setting up a table at a craft show and having these cute cards spinning in the breeze?

Click here to go to Jessica's blog and follow the super simple instructions to enter:

Secondly, here are 2 new items of mine, I made a custom order for a friend yesterday, a pink elephant coin purse. Contact me if you'd like your own!:

And a dice pin, which is now available in my shop! Click the picture to be taken to the listing. ^ . ^


Almost Precious said...

Love pinwheels, there is something so child-like and fun about balloons ! :)
Adorable coin purses and felt work.

Found you on the etsy forums about Thrs. blogs. Great way to find new blogs and get new followers. I'm now following you, will you take a peek at my blog ??? :)

My Owl Barn said...

How adorable are those pinwheels! I am headed to her blog now.

Aw, that elephant coin purse is super cute!