Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Influenster VoxBox Review: Dessange Paris Products

I recently received an email from Influenster saying I qualified for one of the new VoxBoxes! I was surprised to get another one so soon after my last one and was really excited when I learned I would be reviewing Dessange Paris hair products. Based on the results of the survey I took, I was qualified for the products for color treated hair and I received: 

-California Blonde Illuminating Shampoo
-California Blonde Illuminating Conditioner
-California Blonde CC Color Correcting Creme

I haven't colored my hair in a couple of months so my roots are a little more grown out than I'd like at the moment. I usually only color when I can't stand my roots anymore, so I probably do it once every 3 months or so. No matter how long it's been though since I've colored, I never feel like my hair is nourished enough, and I generally only wash my hair once a week because it's very thick and doesn't even start to replenish the natural oils until about 4 or 5 days after washing it. 

I decided to give the products a go last night and was very impressed! First impressions of the shampoo and conditioner were that they seemed very much like salon-quality products, had a more professional "salon" type smell rather than fruity like so many others available now.  The consistency of both was nice and the conditioner's consistency seemed a little thicker, almost like a lotion.

The CC Creme was quite interesting; you leave it in your hair for 5-10 minutes and it corrects the brassiness of your hair color. I went to open it and there were some dark streaks on my fingers. I thought I had missed taking off some of my eye makeup, but I was wrong; imagine my surprise when I squeezed some CC cream out in my hand and it was almost like BRIGHT purple paint! I didn't want to take my phone into the shower to take photos, obviously, but this was some of the purple remnant that was left on the shower door when I was finished. Just imagine you're finger painting with grape purple paint and you get the idea. 

I left it in for about 10 minutes and I did notice that it diminished the brassiness I had at my roots where my color is darker. Despite the intimidating coloring, the CC Creme is a win!

This is a final semi-photo of my hair (don't love showing off my face online!) with the products I used as in the first photo in this blog post. My hair is touchable and smooth and the scent of the shampoo and conditioner is still noticeable. I rarely am able to smell the scent of shampoos and conditioners so long after using them, but this one is really nice and almost 24 hours later, is still noticeable!

All in all, I am now a fan of Dessange and I think next time, I would try their Oleo Miracle range for damaged hair to see if I could add even more moisture and shine to my hair!

If you're interested in trying any Dessange products, they can be found now at Target stores. 

*Please note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*