Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Coming Up Roses Earrings from P.S. I Made This!

I was approached by a friend who saw the post for these earrings on the P.S. I Made This' blog to see if I could make these earrings since I'm craftier than she is.
I ended up making two versions and even a pair for myself!
Here is the original blog post with visual instructions:

I only changed a couple of things. First, I did not use fishing wire to attach the earring backs because it was too hard for me to tie and place properly, so I just used super glue and glued the earring posts/clips onto the back of the flower. I had to rough up the back of the flowers a bit to get the glue to adhere better. Secondly, one friend wanted them with pierced backs rather than clips and with smaller flowers and those are pictured as well.

And here are my final results!

These are the smaller flowers with pierced posts:

Turquoise and peach clip versions with larger flowers: