Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dancing Gummi Bears!

Sometimes I find an adorable picture or something and want to post it somewhere. Way back when, I'd post it on Myspace (ah, memories) and my page was like a photo album of cute graphics. Nowadays, I don't have anywhere to post those things; facebook? No...especially since you can't see moving pictures and that's the whole point! I can't print them out...twitter? Nope.
Then I remember that I have a blog lol. So this is a really random post, but I wanted to share this adorable dancing gummi bear picture. I love all things candy and cute and this fits perfectly!

And the link for future reference:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loving Google's Logo Again. It's Murakami!

I was introduced to Takashi Murakami's art because of the first Louis Vuitton collaboration in 2003 (the candy colored Multicolore line.) From there, I immediately liked the adorable Cherry Blossom line, Cerises (cherries), Panda and the elusive LV Hand logo that appeared on pieces exclusive to the MOCA exhibit in Los Angeles. So of course, I am loving the Google logo today, which features KaiKai and Kiki as well as lots of the adorable smiling flowers! Murakami does do more...shall we say...risque work (Hiropon is quite odd and makes me uncomfortable) and they have their own dedicated fans, as expected. But I'm into the adorable big-eyed characters like the ones on the logo today!

Here's the logo:

And to find out more information on Murakami, click the link below (site is available in English)!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Skinny Cow Sweets...You'd Never Know They're Low Calorie!

I cannot, for the life of me, give up sweets! I've tried and I just can't, I get irritable and annoyed. Peanut buttery chocolate candies are my absolute favorite; I found some peanut butter chocolate truffles at Costco awhile back that are so insanely delicious, it has taken me a lot of restraint not to finish the container already.
So rather than eliminate sweets altogether, I either eat a favorite, regular treat and just limit my portions (i.e. one cupcake for the day, then no other sweets), or I have something low calorie yet still yummy, like a Skinny Cow product!
I've tried quite a few of the varieties, I particularly like the Chocolate Truffle Bars or the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches. And their new candy (Heavenly Crisps and Dreamy Clusters) is amazing as well. Basically, I haven't found a single treat that I don't like and I'm quite picky about how I want my sweets to taste (i.e., can't stand grocery store cupcakes around here, as the frosting is way too sweet.)

I think my only complaint, which I really had to think about for awhile because I couldn't come up with anything, is that the ice cream goodies are pricey. Around here, they're about $6 a box, so I try to get them when they're on sale, which is rare. But they're super yummy and taste like full-calorie treats!

Some of the ice cream treats:

And the new candies!:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Most Amazing My Little Pony Cakes!

When I need a laugh, I adore checking out the Cake Wrecks blog. With all the misspelled words (i.e. congradulations instead of congratulations) and just overall DUMB writing (i.e. actually writing "Happy Birthday with Sprinkles" on the cake rather than just writing Happy Birthday and putting actual sprinkles on the cake) it always makes me wonder if anyone proof reads anymore. Writing on a cake without checking what you're writing is like doing a crossword puzzle with a pen!
However, sometimes they take a break from the stupidity and showcase some absolutely amazing cakes. I'm always envious that people can do such amazing things with fondant and create such gorgeous cakes!
Recently, there was a post of some great 80's themed cakes and,because I love all things cute and still have a soft spot for MLP, my favorites by far were the My Little Pony cakes. I'm just in awe of these, especially the standing pony!

Cake below was created by: Courtney's Cakes

Cake below was created by: London Cake

To see these and other amazing cakes in the 80's theme, please see the Cake Wrecks website!: