Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Minute Necklace Project

I love browsing Michael's and other craft stores, getting ideas for things I'd like to do. I saw a lot of the beads and findings were on sale so I went through them, just KNOWING I'd find something. I dug out these cute sparrow spacers that I suppose are meant for using as dangles or in between beads. Looking at it further, I realized if I left them just as they were and added a clasp, I'd have a necklace!

Here were the materials I used:
Sparrow spacers
Spring Rings and Jump rings (came together in the blue package)

I attached the clasp and tightened all the other rings on the sparrows...

and voila!

The necklace is about 20" so you can add rings to make it longer if you wish. They have quite a few other fun designs too, teapots and frames, though they're larger. There's a myriad of great necklaces to be made using the findings!

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