Monday, March 8, 2010

Hearts & Hands United Blog Feature! //Treasuries

I'm a member of 3 great teams on Etsy, one of them being Hearts and Hands United.The members are so amazing and lovely people from all over the world to talk to; I took a hiatus from my shop last year and jumped back in back in January. I was welcomed right away by a great group of people who are not only interested in promoting their own items but in getting to know YOU as a person (not to mention fellow crafter). There is such a diverse group of talented individuals, some knit or crochet, some sew, some make jewelry out of various mediums, etc. All have amazing shops and I have spent a great deal of time in all of them, getting to know their items. I would like to share the team blog with you:

And our team thread on Etsy!

If you're a crafter (or a buyer) and want to pop in on either, please don't hesitate! No matter what time you check in, someone is sure to welcome you with a kind word. :)

Additionally, one of the sweet members, WomanWithTools, was kind enough to include me in her "Luck Be A Lady" treasury!

And Shoshipo was also nice enough to include my panda pin in her "Black and White" treasury!


teeheeproductions said...

Nice blog Ritzee!!!

Terrills Tiles said...

Very nice Ritzee! Love your blog ♥