Sunday, March 21, 2010

Owl Cam- So Cute!

I've been addicted to this owl cam since the other day. Everyone is waiting for the baby owls to be born and watching the mommy (Molly) and the daddy (McGee) in the meantime. It's definitely addicting, I'm taking forever to write this tiny piece because apparently one of the babies, whom the owner of the owl box and camera are calling "Max," has been born!
Here's the website or you can just give it a second to load and push the graphic of the arrow on the picture to stream it below (great if you don't want the annoying chat that goes on from the main site):

Free TV : Ustream


Jean said...

That is so cool! Owls are so interesting - we have Great Horned Owls nesting in the woods just behind my house.
Thanks for sharing.
BTW - your blog is as cute as your felt pieces.


Ritzee Rebel said...

Thanks so much! I have tons of fun watching this cam. Love owls too, lucky that you have them nearby. I think we may have some in the canyons but I rarely, if ever, see them. :)