Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golden Girls as Inspiration? How Random.

I've done a few blog interviews and one of the most common questions is, "Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?"
Oddly enough, I just realized that one of the things that seems to do it for me is watching Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel at night! For example, I was watching it a few minutes ago and happened to look to the right of the television and saw a pretty little arrangement of faux sunflowers. That arrangement has been there for at least a year now, and lo and behold, it inspired me to make a sunflower hair clip! Not the most wild of ideas, but still, for some reason, finding inspiration seems to come from watching this show at night...I wonder what the correlation is?
Possibly because the clothing they wear on the show is so brightly colored and very 80's, something I would say the majority of my items also are. Granted, my items are geared towards the younger crowd, but I think the bright colors and prints of the decade inspire me quite a bit!
Wow was that a random entry but it just occurred to me and I had to put it out there!

Here's to the Golden Girls!


headchange said...

Now I will be humming Thank You For Being A Friend.

Erica Leigh said...

i don't think that's a weird inspiration at all! there are weirder ones, i'm sure. ;) besides, golden girls rules!!