Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loving Google's Logo Again. It's Murakami!

I was introduced to Takashi Murakami's art because of the first Louis Vuitton collaboration in 2003 (the candy colored Multicolore line.) From there, I immediately liked the adorable Cherry Blossom line, Cerises (cherries), Panda and the elusive LV Hand logo that appeared on pieces exclusive to the MOCA exhibit in Los Angeles. So of course, I am loving the Google logo today, which features KaiKai and Kiki as well as lots of the adorable smiling flowers! Murakami does do more...shall we say...risque work (Hiropon is quite odd and makes me uncomfortable) and they have their own dedicated fans, as expected. But I'm into the adorable big-eyed characters like the ones on the logo today!

Here's the logo:

And to find out more information on Murakami, click the link below (site is available in English)!


Shannon Owens said...

GIRL! I didn't realize you had a blog too! So awesome :) I'd follow, but I have a Tumblr! I'll be sure to keep up! :)


Sesenarts said...

howdy! yes I noticed the logo today. So cute.