Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dancing Gummi Bears!

Sometimes I find an adorable picture or something and want to post it somewhere. Way back when, I'd post it on Myspace (ah, memories) and my page was like a photo album of cute graphics. Nowadays, I don't have anywhere to post those things; facebook? No...especially since you can't see moving pictures and that's the whole point! I can't print them out...twitter? Nope.
Then I remember that I have a blog lol. So this is a really random post, but I wanted to share this adorable dancing gummi bear picture. I love all things candy and cute and this fits perfectly!

And the link for future reference:


Brenda said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the SD County Etsy Team. Those dancing gummy bears are very cute! I didn't know you could post something like that on a blog. I also love anything to do with candy. Here's my blog, if you want to follow back:

just B you said...

This is SO cute. Glad you remembered you had a blog! ;)

Almost Precious said...

How cute. :)