Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yikes, Hail, Power Outages, Craziness! And Feature--- lterrill9!

So I wanted to blog today about something interesting, but alas, the most interesting item of the day is the weather, yet again. It has rained all day and around 6pm, we had a power outage! Just as I was about to try to get into the Etsy Treasury West lol. Oh well, must not have been my time for it I guess.
Anyway, power is back now, but I don't have too much to blog about at the moment, except a request: to please check out a sweet Etsian's shop, lterrill9, and comment on the treasury she's featured in! She makes the nicest travertine tile (amazing, heavy stuff!) coasters with practically any design you could want on them. They'll make a great gift and are very nicely priced!

Here's her shop:

And the treasury she's featured in (her item is the love coaster set shown above):



What a GREAT shop and product!!

Aaah yes, the weather is a huge talking point just now, snow... rain.... snow....rain... roll on summer :)

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

love her work! Thanks for featuring her. Not to mention I love your cute.