Saturday, January 2, 2010

Favorite Blog #1- Charm Candy!

I reserved the first spot of my "favorite blogs" list for a good friend, Tori, over at Charm Candy. It has nothing to do with Etsy, but with my other love, Juicy Couture charms! Tori created her own blog with lots of great info on charms and other jewelry items Juicy makes. Better yet, her blog features authentic charms unlike a lot of other Juicy Couture charm sites/blogs I've seen around the web. Here's her link and if you love Juicy's charms like I do, I know you'll enjoy the site!

Additionally, I created my own comprehensive list after months of work, of pretty much all of Juicy's charms up until about August of 2009. I'm working on a second list of updates, however I don't have enough charms on it to put out yet (UPDATE as of 2/10/11, I have plenty of charms for the list, but I won't be putting out the list until there's a lull in charms! I don't want the list to be outdated the second I put it out.)
In the meantime, here is the site where you can request the first list (and click on "list signup"):

You must provide a valid email address, otherwise you will not get the list. I have to actually go into the account and send the lists out myself so you can't give a fake email address and expect to still get it. I have it set up this way so I know who the list is being sent out to and please keep in mind, that I own all rights to this list, I will not hesitate to take action if I see it being re-distributed in any manner. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!


Charm Candy said...

Aww :D I'm excited that you have your own blog! I will try and remember to write about your list tomorrow. You should add it to the FAQ thread since I had previously written that there was no comprehensive list!

Ritzee Rebel said...

Thanks! I'm hoping it works out lol. I did add the info about the list to the FAQ thread and let people know they needed to provide a valid email. You wouldn't believe how many email address-less submissions I've gotten. Like "hey, I'm not going to give you any info like you asked for but I'll still get the list, haha." And no they don't because it either doesn't show up in my inbox or it won't let me send it because the address is invalid. Lol.