Monday, January 12, 2015

Nutella Lovers...You MUST Try Reese's Spread!

So I realize I haven't blogged in forever but I've had lots of life changes happen since my last post, things I would not like to relive. 
However, all that aside, I was recently offered a complimentary Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate spread to try thanks to VoxBox and Influenster! I'm a huge fan of Nutella and really, it takes all my willpower not to grab a jar and eat at least half in a single sitting, same is the case with this yummy Reese's spread! It basically tasted like a liquified Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, which is heavenly, to me.

The card included in the box offered some suggestions on what to pair it with and while I used a couple of them, I wanted to branch out and try some of my own too. I'm nowhere near done trying pairings but I'm so happy with this spread already!

First I tried it on some honey wheat bread, which I loved, of course. Probably the simplest pairing and a good way to sneak in some chocolate at breakfast!

The next day I tried it on my Greek yogurt in the morning and it was also amazing. If you don't normally like the somewhat sour flavor Greek yogurt tends to have, mix in a little of this and voila! 

The picture on the jar of spread shows it paired with a green apple, but I only had red apples here, so I tried it with one of those. Of course, it tasted delicious, though I'm sure it would taste amazing against the tart taste of the green apples as well. That's definitely next on my radar. 

 Lastly (so far), I tried a spoonful in my mug of hot chocolate, which, when melted, gave it a smooth, creamy flavor with a hint of peanut butter flavor! I'm for sure trying this again soon!

Thank you again to Influenster for giving me the chance to try this yummy spread!

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