Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween, Anyone?

I love Halloween, mostly just the cute aspects of it since I despise being scared. Seriously, I hit the haunted house at Universal Studios a couple of years ago because my brother told me it was just a set display from the movie, "Van Helsing." Stupid, stupid, stupid. I had tall, ugly things hovering over, popping out and grabbing at me and monsters shouting at me and all in all, I was NOT amused. I don't mind thrill rides, gory movies, gross costumes, etc. but put me somewhere where things are supposed to pop out at you and you'll have me running for the exit.
If you like that sort of thing, here's a video I found on youtube of that Van Helsing haunted house, click the "play" button below to watch, or click on the box and it'll take you to a larger version on youtube. Remember, when you go through it, you can barely see anything so when you're walking, you have no idea what's coming:

Anyway, my Halloweens have gradually gotten more boring every year. Last year I was a fairy, I found THE cutest short blue prom-style dress with lots of layers and got a huge pair of fairy wings literally 2 days before Halloween. We had all planned on either going to a huge party or to something downtown called Monster Bash. One of our friends then got sick so we ended up sitting at another friend's house and chatting. While I was wearing aforementioned gigantic fairy wings. Lame, lame lame.

This year, we're having a huge party ourselves and it will be amazing! I'm planning on wearing this adorable sailor costume I got today:

Unfortunately, they make these costumes for people who are TALL, not 5'2 like I am. So I'll need to hike it up a bit and secure it with some of my trusty fashion tape (such a lifesaver, that stuff) and it'll be perfect. I'm already excited and can't wait to wear it!

And in keeping with my whole "Wear something I made, it's great advertising," I'll be wearing one of my gold glitter star rings, like these:


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