Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hoot Suite for Twitter- Love It!

Once again I've been neglecting my blog; I haven't abandoned it totally though! Twitter is an interesting thing to me, this time last year, I had NO idea how to use it or what "retweet" meant. Now that I do, I'm fascinated by it and am amazed by how fun it can be.
One tip I found incredibly helpful for my Etsy shop was a recent article on the Handmade Spark blog about setting up automatic tweets from Hoot Suite. It's so helpful for scheduling future tweets, but my favorite part is how you can set it up to automatically tweet your newest listings!
I try to list something new, or renew an item once a day, so I won't bug people with frequent updates since I don't add things all the time. It's especially helpful for me because I post my new item links on a few threads I frequent on the Etsy forums, this is one less place I have to worry about doing so since it does it for me!

To read the article yourself and get step by step instructions on how to do it yourself, just click below, hope it helps you like it did for me!


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NekiNaturals said...

I just found out last week and it is a beautiful thing