Monday, April 5, 2010


In the middle of what was a relaxing Easter Sunday, we were all sitting around enjoying the day when the earthquake hit. Well, at that point, my mom and brother were in the backyard, I was in the house and my dad was upstairs. Being a California native, I'm used to little shakers and can usually sit here and just wait until they're over, but this one was MUCH bigger. After about 6 seconds of progressively worse shaking and rolling, I ran to a doorway and stood there until it was over.
Luckily nothing broke or anything, but every so often I'll be passing by a room and see a picture askew on the wall or something on a shelf that fell over.

At first, it was categorized as a 6.9 earthquake; they usually downgrade them afterward, but this time it was upgrade to a 7.2!

They've been showing similar video on the news quite a bit, this one is from one of CNN's ireporters, showing water splashing out of someone's pool!

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Sesenarts said...

That must have been so scary for you! We rarely have them here. There is a small fault line running about 600 miles away. And I can only recall one earthquake when I was about 9 yo (I'm 51 today).